Kids for Cash
Review by Ross Anthony

Interesting topic. Some fascinating footage of judges gone astray, but the documentary itself is unwieldy. While the interviews with victims are important and captured in a warm personal way, the interviews go long and become a bit redundant. If these were cut crisper, room could have been left for interviews with juvenile programs that are doing things the right way. Zero Tolerance doesn't have to mean shackles and prison time. Zero Tolerance could simply mean that misbehavior gets addressed, that there is intervention and follow up. This doc does a great job of bringing attention to the issue, but misses the opportunity to shed light on programs that have positive results.

The cardboard cutout of the detention halls may have worked in a motion picture, but feels inappropriate here. Likewise, the cover of Radiohead's "Creep" is wonderfully eerie and reminiscent of XTC's "Dear God" - I enjoyed the music, but its inclusion here feels manipulative. All of that subjectivity was not necessary, the topic is a good one. The footage and access to the subjects is also excellent, the portrait of Ciavarella is fascinating. It's just that the story/topic isn't flushed out to its fullest extent.

An uneven doc that brings to light an important injustice.

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  • Kids for Cash. Copyright © 2014.
  • Directed by Robert May.

Grade..........................B- (2.5/4)

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