It's Not Revenge
The Punisher
Review by Ross Anthony

The Punisher This is not a very good movie, but it's fun -- intentionally, and not. Rather consistently uneven, the direction strays from comic-book-esque, to quite somber/serious/grotesque, to comedic, and back again. The dialogue too dips and levels from quick and clever, to plainly stupid; but most often hovers at about average. Who is the audience? At times, the psuedo-comic book touch and feel seems rather immature (or 1970's cop movie cliché) perhaps kids would appreciate it? Although, as an adult, sometimes the clichés hit so hard, they strike the funny bone -- more than once this audience burst out in laughter. For example, the wounded punisher emerges from below the floor on a flat bed elevator as a long spark arcs over his buff body like lightening. Did the director intend to make me laugh? Who cares? I was entertained.

But, then there are moments too harsh for little kids; in fact, the opening sequence where a bunch of kids get killed is even a little too grim for me. Fortunately, the film targets only grown-ups for the rest of its killing. Tom Jane, too, as the punisher, is sometimes strong and believable and sometimes just a good looking guy who's speaking the lines; overall though -- he's likeable. A reviewer friend at the screening (Luke at tells me the comic book punisher is supposed to be just as bad as the bad guys, this film takes Tom Jane in that direction but can't let go of keeping him a nice guy. (Luke didn't like this film -- he prefers the 1999 original picture.) I like John Travolta as the villain. Initially, he's just about the only acting anchor, but soon enough a ragtag group that befriends the Punisher helps out in that department. Without them (especially Ben Foster), this film would tumble instead of clunking along.

Billed as a superhero without superpowers, this Punisher fills that void with movie magic special effects. The "Terminator" sounding score reflects this guy's movie ability to stay alive despite logic. Campy, with some genuinely well put together moments, this action-packed B movie entertained me, and so I'm giving it a B+.

  • The Punisher. Copyright © 2004. Rated R. 123 minutes.
  • Starring Tom Jane, John Travolta, Will Patton, Roy Scheider, Laura Harring, Ben Foster, Samntha Mathis, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos.
  • Directed by Jonathan Hensleigh.
  • Screenplay by Jonathan Hensleigh, Michael France.
  • Story based on Marcel comic book character.
  • Produced by Gale Anne Hurd, Arad at Lions Gate/Marvel.

Grade..........................B+ (2.5/4)

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