Soldiers With Cameras
The War Tapes
Review by Ross Anthony

This documentary follows three US soldiers for about a year in Iraq. It includes interviews with them prior to their leaving the States, and after arriving home. Thoughts and comments of family and friends are also captured. While out of the US, most (if not all) of the footage is shot by the soldiers themselves.

I guess I was expecting the look and feel of this to be like other self-filmed projects I'd seen, but I was surprised to find this production a bit fuller and well rounded as a presentation. That is to say, content aside, I expected jittery poor-resolution imagery. And while there is some of that, there is also a lot of good camera work, better resolution and premium skilled editing. I expect that the film's editors were professionals in their field as the production enjoys a nice arc, it builds and works emotionally as well as universally -- not just as a documentary on this war.

But as a documentary on this war, I think it's quite interestingly balanced. Both pros and cons are included; there are those in support and those not. And, I feel, as a citizen of the US a duty to watch and listen to comments of the young men and women we send over.

A quote from the film: "I love being a soldier. The only bad thing about the Army is you can't pick your war."

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  • The War Tapes. Copyright © 2006.
  • Directed by Deborah Scranton.
  • Produced by Robert May & Steve James at SenArt/Scranton/Lacy .

Grade..........................A- (3/4)

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