Facing Your Fears
Free Trip to Egypt
Review by Ross Anthony

"Travel is the best education." "Before passing judgement, walk a mile in their shoes." "Two sides to every story." These sage quotes from the past seem to be getting the cold shoulder by the present as Americans around the country dig into their own narrowing world views. We're finding it harder and harder to even hear the other person's beliefs, dare we listen with an ear to change our own? Media fans the fire of right and left, claims dominion of right and wrong, and increasing niche programming makes it easier than ever to get news that leans in your particular direction. As centrist perspectives, and balanced reporting fade from public consumption, a sadly growing desperate clutch on the idea that "the other" is stupid, wrong, and quite possibly evil begins to snake into conversations not only between democrats and liberals, but between neighbors, and even family members.

While another sage quote "Love your Enemies" may be too much to ask, would you take the challenge of sharing dinner with some people you've been taught to fear? This film is that invitation.

  • Free Trip to Egypt. Copyright © 2019.
  • Hosted by Adam Saleh. Directed by Ingrid Serban. Kindness Films.

Grade..........................A+ (4/4)

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